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Financiamos tus compras hasta en 12 meses SIN INTERESES.
Financiamos tus compras hasta en 12 meses SIN INTERESES.
Orbegozo Air conditioning in the Almanzora Valley - Fitted quite soon. 3 years guarantee - Híper Ocio

Orbegozo Air conditioning in the Almanzora Valley - Fitted quite soon. 3 years guarantee

Are you looking for an air conditioner that offers you the best performance, the most savings and the least environmental impact? Then you can’t miss the Orbegozo air conditioners from the FDI series that we have at

The Orbegozo FDI air conditioners are the latest generation of air conditioning that combines efficiency, energy saving and the new R-32 gas, more respectful than any other with the environment. This gas has a very low global warming potential and reduces CO2 emissions by 75%.

In addition, Orbegozo FDI air conditioners feature 3DC Inverter technology, which favors an energy saving of up to 50% compared to other conventional models. This technology allows adjusting the speed of the compressor and fan according to thermal demand, resulting in greater temperature stability and lower vibration and noise.

At we offer you the best prices and conditions so you can enjoy your Orbegozo FDI air conditioner without worries. The retail price does not include installation, but we offer this service for only 160 euros. The installation is done by a very professional external company, so much so that we offer a guarantee of their work.

Don’t hesitate any longer and enter to see all available models of Orbegozo’s FDI series. We have from FDI 93 with a cooling capacity of 3000 frigories to FDI 123 with a cooling capacity of 4300 frigories. All of them with an A++ energy rating and an elegant and modern design.

But how do you know how many frigories you need for your room? Frigories are a unit of measure of the cooling power of air conditioning. To calculate them, it is usually multiplied by useful surface by 100. For example, if your room is 20 m2, you will need about 2000 frigories. However, this calculation may vary depending on room conditions such as orientation, number of windows or climate.

That’s why at we advise you to choose Orbegozo FDI air conditioner most suitable for your space. In addition, we remind you that thanks to its 3DC Inverter technology you can save up to 50% on your electricity bil. So you can enjoy comfort without spending more than necessary.

We are best place to install air throughout region. Trust us and see how your home becomes an oasis of freshness and comfort.

Did you like this post? Do you have any questions or suggestions? Leave us your comment or contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

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